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View a Newborn Thoroughbred Foal on The Internet

Harris Farms, Launches Site on the World Wide Web

Coalinga, California April 13- - - Harris Farms, today launched its new Internet Web Site. The site is designed to be an integral part of its thoroughbred horse operation and provides a full tour of the horse farm and information on related companies.

"We have always listened to our clients and continually work to improve our methods of communication with current and prospective clients. We care about our customers and welcome questions from all interested parties regarding participation in the fast track, fascinating thoroughbred industry," said John C. Harris, Chairman and CEO. In what Harris Farms believes to be an industry first, the owners of broodmares, stallions, and prospective owners can see newly born foals. Owners of horses in training can receive a recent image of their horse to help monitor its progress. This is only the beginning of their efforts to benefit their clientele. In the original trial, Senator Ken Maddy was shown pictures of his foal and praised the "forward thinking of the Harris organization for the expedited photographs of this same day foaling."

The "Foal Watch" segment of the Harris Farms Thoroughbred Horse Ranch, has been newly created on the World Wide Web and the pictures can be found at http://www.HarrisFarms.com . The Web site is under development but offers clients many exciting features such as the ease and flexibility of contacting key farm employees at the client’s convenience at their home, office, or laptop computer.

As the seasons and farm emphasis change, the Web site will refocus to keep current and exciting news flowing to both our farm clients and the world wide audience of thoroughbred racing and breeding enthusiasts.

Harris Farms has adopted digital camera technology for this "foal watch" service. After a Harris Farm staff member takes the digital photographs, the photos are downloaded to their computer in Coalinga and then digitally sent to NewWave Management LLC (their Internet marketing consultants), in Santa Rosa or San Diego for inclusion on the World Wide Web computer which is located in Menlo Park, California.

John Harris , who is also the president of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association stated:

"Technology has the capability of greatly enhancing the reach and the communications options for the total horse industry. I look forward to being able to see my foals birth, monitoring their upbringing, training, analyzing where to run them and wagering on them all from my home computer. I’ll still want to spend significant personal time on the ground with the horses themselves, but it is great to expand my options."

Harris Farms serves customers throughout the world in two California locations; Coalinga and Sanger. The total company is also engaged in diversified farming, beef production and marketing through Harris Ranch Beef Company and a large hospitality facility, Harris Ranch Restaurant and Inn. For more information on Harris Farms call 800-691-1199, or visit Harris Farms’ home page http://www.HarrisFarms.com on the World Wide Web.

Contacts: HARRIS FARMS: Debbie Lopez, John C. Harris( 559.884.2477 ) or David McGlothlin, (559.889.2859 ), or Eric W. Anderson, NewWave Management LLC, 707.579.4013

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