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The Name Game

John C. Harris on naming the Harris Farms, Inc. 1996 crop:

Naming horses is both a fun and frustrating endeavor. With over 35,000 foals born each year and names tied up for 10-15 years at a minimum, one has to get creative. We get input from anyone we can when coming up with new names for each foal crop. Often times what seems like the really great name is already taken and it's back to the drawing board. This year I felt we came up with some interesting names and thank everyone that helped. All of them will sound better if they are in front when they cross the wire.


Harris Farms 1996 Crop
Anyport Ina Storm 1/2/96 f Desert Wine Charm Power
Cut the Deal 1/25/96 f Cutlass Reality Count the Votes
Warm April 1/20/96 c Cutlass Reality Enchanted April
Evening Walk 1/28/96 f Falstaff Walk Faster
Twilight Career 1/1/96 c Twilight Agenda Creek Dancer
Clear Skies 2/11/96 f Mi Cielo Aerie
Due Respect 2/6/96 f Sharp Victor Altruism
Sheikh Abandon 2/28/96 c Sheikh Albadon C’est Moi Cheri
/// 2/19/96 f Moscow Ballet In Prime Time
Real T.V. 2/8/96 c Cutlass Reality Moscow T.V.
/// 2/8/96 g Bationneer Moscow Tap
Mr. Reed 2/3/96 c Moscow Ballet Rasing Slew
/// 2/22/96 f Skywalker Teresa Mc
Secret Plan 2/17/96 f Moscow Ballet Vikki’s Secret
Got the Votes 2/24/96 f Slew o’ Gold Katambera
/// 3/13/96 f Moscow Ballet Bubble Bite
/// 3/31/96 c Moscow Ballet Suit Up
Sunny Forecast 3/16/96 c Moscow Ballet Sunny Sara
Three Rocks 4/25/96 f Cutlass Reality Hill to Climb
El Dorado Avenue 4/29/96 f Man From Eldorado Hitwick
Image of Glory 4/26/96 f Skywalker Image of Super
Air Defense 4/15/96 f Flying Continenal Launch a Star
Soviet Sting 4/8/96 f Moscow Ballet Lots of Stingers
/// 4/9/96 f Williamstown Mlle. Liebe
Really Gallant 4/2/96 f Cutlass Reality Molalla
Strings Attached 4/6/96 f Clever Trick Princess Royalty
Aerial Attack 4/12/96 c Flying Continental Reasonable Force
/// 4/15/96 c Moscow Ballet Sharm a Sheikh
/// 4/17/96 f Cee’s Tizzy Sissy’s Time
Radar Contact 4/10/96 g Flying Continental Talk Faster
Ballet Lesson 4/23/96 f Moscow Ballet Teach You
Soviet Sally 4/5/96 f Moscow Ballet Timed Perfectly
Cut Flowers 4/12/96 f Cutlass Reality She’s Lovely
Unlimited Value 5/3/96 c Present Value Donna Duck
As We Know It 5/17/96 c Cutlass Reality Giggling Girl
Soviet Gypsy 5/5/96 c Moscow Ballet Jingle Jan
Rebuild Trust 5/16/96 f Cee’s Tizzy Juan’s Sister
Naturally 5/3/96 c Moscow Ballet Nature’s Way
/// 5/9/96 f Moscow Ballet Time to Plant
Red Sauce 5/31/96 f Moscow Ballet Tomato Sauce
Tiz a Sin 6/20/96 f Cee’s Tizzy Sinsation
Dance Theatre 6/3/96 c Theatrical Marshua’s Echelon

///=submitted name-rejected

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