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1998 Del Mar Fantasy Stable

Harris Farms Launches 1998 Del Mar Fantasy Stable Contest on the World Wide Web

Coalinga, California July 14, 1998- - - Harris Farms Inc. today launched its annual 1998 Del Mar Fantasy Stable Contest on its own Internet site: www.harrisfarms.com/fantasy98/98dmfant.htm

Harris Farms’ is providing to the World Wide Web user another innovative and potentially rewarding feature. An interactive three horse Fantasy Stable, of Harris Farms Inc. (and partners) owned racehorses, at the 1998 Del Mar meet can be selected prior to opening day where the turf meets the surf. Prizes and rewards for the successful stable manager are outlined below.

The concept is simple, choose three racehorses from the currently listed projected inventory of the Harris Farms 1998 Del Mar Stable. The winner will be the stable with the most accumulated earnings, at the conclusion of the 1998 Del Mar meet. Prizes include over $300.00 in goods and services from the Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant, as well as prizes of the Famous Harris Ranch Beef products.

Pedigree information, race records and trainer statistics are some of the wealth of information available to the contestant before selecting their stable. Insider Information will also be posted to inform all site visitors of late breaking newsy items.

Entries close at 2:00 P.M. (PDT) on July 23, 1998 (First Post for the second day at Del Mar 1998). Submit your entry early and cheer your stable on!

For additional information, including complete rules and prize list, visit: www.harrisfarms.com/fantasy98/98dmfant.htm

Harris Farms continues to serve customers throughout the world in two California locations: Coalinga and Sanger. The total company is also engaged in diversified farming, beef production and marketing through Harris Ranch Beef Company and a large hospitality facility, Harris Ranch Restaurant and Inn.

The entire Harris Farms Web Site is continually under going modifications and development, in maintaining Harris Farms in its customary position of an industry leading thoroughbred farm. The Harris Farms Web Site will continue to offer clients many exciting features such as the ease and flexibility of contacting key farm employees at the client’s convenience at their home, office, or laptop computer.

John Harris (559) 884-2477 or e-mail

Dave McGlothlin (559) 884-2859 or e-mail

For More Information Contact:

Route 1 Box 426, Coalinga, CA 93210
Tel: 559.884.2859 or 800.311.6211
FAX: 559.884.2855
Internet: info@harrisfarms.com

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